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Real.m non-GMO Turkish Blanket - LAGOONA II

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Product Description

Towards sustainable living and mindful consumption.

Brand: REAL.M 

Unplug Eco-conscious Metric:


The touch of Nature for you home, Real.m travel blankets are made out of premium non-GMO Turkish cotton with a tender comfort. Make it last and make it matter by opting for: 

• Eco-friendly material – non-GMO cotton & vegetable dyes

• Traditional Craft – a 500 year old handloom craft

• Less is more – a blanket that is multi-usage & can be re-purposed

Material: 100% Turkish Cotton (non-GMO)

Weight: 410gr.

Size: 130x170cm.

Care: First wash is advised to be hand-washed. Future washes can be done at 30-40 degrees in the washing machine. No dryer required as Peshtemals dry fast.